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Our Daily Bread University (formerly Christian University GlobalNet) works with schools and organizations to provide you excellent education. Over the years we have offered multiple programs. Below we have listed the programs that we currently offer.

We understand that you may be enrolled into a program that is not listed below. If that is the case, you can login and purchase courses directly at:

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Certificate in Correctional Ministries

The Certificate in Correctional Ministries program equips professionals and volunteers for effective jail, prison and reentry ministry through online courses. The program offers specialized training through experienced faculty for those seeking to increase their professionalism and quality of correctional ministry.

********** Program Closed to New Registrations **********

Association of Christian Schools International

Our Daily Bread University (ODBU) and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) have partnered to provide biblical and professional continuing education units (CEUs). Through our relationship with ACSI, we are able to help teachers in meeting the study requirements for teacher/administrator certification through multiple subscription options.

You can learn anytime, from anywhere, and store your course records in our system. Upon successful completion of a course you can download your certificate of completion which can be presented to ACSI for CEU credit, according to their requirements.

Certificate in Spiritual Direction

Do people look to you for advice or spiritual counsel? When those opportunities come up, do you sometimes feel inadequate to the task? Or do you plunge right in without really taking time to touch the person’s soul? If you want to be more spiritually effective in helping others with problems in their lives, you will benefit by the teaching and practice presented in the Certificate in Spiritual Direction curriculum offered by NewWay Ministries and Dr. Larry Crabb in collaboration with Our Daily Bread University.