Certificate in Spiritual Direction

Do people look to you for advice or spiritual counsel? When those opportunities come up, do you sometimes feel inadequate to the task? Or do you plunge right in without really taking time to touch the person’s soul? If you want to be more spiritually effective in helping others with problems in their lives, you will benefit by the teaching and practice presented in the Certificate in Spiritual Direction curriculum offered by NewWay Ministries and Dr. Larry Crabb in collaboration with Our Daily Bread University.

Certificate in Spiritual Direction

Dr. Larry Crabb’s SoulCare courses for his NewWay Ministries Certificate in Spiritual Direction are now offered through our premium option! To get started, simply sign up for a subscription and begin taking the SoulCare courses. When you’ve completed all four, you can present your Certificates of Completion to NewWay Ministries for acceptance into their program. For more information about this change and how it affects existing students, see the FAQs below.

Important Note: When signing up for your subscription, select the option “NewWay Ministries” under the “Organization” field on the check-out form.


Please note: Additional information concerning the NewWay Ministries’ portion of this certificate (including current costs) can be found on their website: www.newwayministries.org.

    1. Select a subscription option that best fits you.
    2. When checking out…
      • Use the same email address you’ve used when registering for SoulCare courses in the past.
      • Select “NewWay Ministries” in the organization field.
    3. Find the SoulCare courses in our course library and click “Access Course” on the course that you are interested in taking.

Applying to Our Daily Bread University is no longer required for taking the SoulCare Foundations courses. Simply purchase a subscription and begin studying.

Purchase a monthly subscription for $9.95/month to complete the SoulCare Foundations curriculum (4 courses) offered by Our Daily Bread University.

Additional information about NewWay Ministries’ tuition and fees can be found here

In an attempt to lower students’ costs and provide even more opportunities for spiritual growth, we’ve changed our arrangement with New Way Ministries. With the Certificate in Spiritual Direction courses now available through our premium subscription, instead of paying $40 per course you can now study all four SoulCare courses for less than $10 per month. Now only that, but your monthly subscription gives you unlimited access to our entire library of premium courses. (Over 170 and counting!)

All of your previous work is saved. You won’t have to retake any courses. When you purchase your subscription, be sure to use the same email address you’ve used when registering for SoulCare courses in the past.

To request a transcript of your previous course work, please use the transcript request form.

Check out our general FAQs for more information about our premium subscription.

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