New Testament

The study of the New Testament fires the heart with awe and wonder. In it we read of God’s boundless love in sending His Son to redeem all who believe in His atoning death and resurrection. The Gospels describe in detail what Jesus said and did while on earth. The Epistles explain in depth the spiritual implications of who Christ was and what He did. Finally, in the book of Revelation, we read of how Christ will bring history to an end for His glory. Understanding the big picture of the New Testament and its individual books are essential for the growing Christian.

Luke-John: Two Interpretations of Jesus

Luke – John: Two Interpretations of Jesus provides two different renditions of Jesus’ life and ministry. Adding the perspectives of Luke and John to those given by Matthew and Mark will provide additional detail and explanation to the incredible life of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God.

Level: Intermediate| Number of Lessons: 3
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Jesus in Judea: Opposition & Rejection

As amazing as it seems, the people Jesus came to save actually rejected Him. In Luke-John: Jesus in Judea – Opposition and Rejection, students will survey the Judean phase of Jesus’ ministry and gain insight.

Level: Intermediate| Number of Lessons: 2
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Acts: Crucifixion, Resurrection & Proclamation

Most people recognize the fact that the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ was the turning point of world history. After His resurrection and ascension, His disciples spread His Church across the Roman Empire and changed the world.

Level: Intermediate| Number of Lessons: 4
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