Worldview & Ethics

Everyone has a worldview. Whether a person denies God or believes God is in everything, each has a set of presuppositions about what is true. Based on these assumptions, we also adopt beliefs about moral judgments of right and wrong. Some are moral relativists who believe right and wrong are equivalent to preferences, while others hold to moral absolutes that are true in all circumstances. So what kind of worldview and ethic does the Bible provide? This topic of study is designed to answer that question. It will also provide practical suggestions on evaluating various worldviews from a Christian perspective.

World Religions Basics

The world is getting smaller all the time. People are moving into your neighborhood that have different religious beliefs than you do. How can you be respectful and genuine with them if you don’t really know and understand what they believe?

Level: Basic| Number of Lessons: 5| Time Required: 2 Hours Minimum
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Worldview Basics

How would your life be different if you had been born into another home, culture, or religious faith? Your perspective of life is influenced by your culture, your background, and your life experiences.

Level: Basic| Number of Lessons: 6| Time Required: 2 Hours Minimum
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Making Biblical Decisions

This course provides a biblical orientation to Christian ethics. Many believers today have lost their moral footing.

Level: Advanced| Number of Lessons: 10| Time Required: 13 Hours Minimum
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Christian Ethics: A Biblical Theology of Morality

In a self-centered culture, how do we demonstrate a God-centered ethic? This course presents a biblical model for ethics in a postmodern world, examining the ethical theories of obligation and value from a philosophical perspective.

Level: Advanced| Number of Lessons: 23| Time Required: 33 Hours Minimum
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Christian Worldview

How do you view reality? What is the source of your knowledge? Do you live what you believe? Such are the questions that a worldview answers. This course examines the nature and function of belief structures, and the value of developing and living a distinctly Christian life.

Level: Advanced| Number of Lessons: 24| Time Required: 34 Hours Minimum
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