Case Management and Mentoring in Reentry


Number of Lessons: 24Course Duration: 56 DaysCredits: 3Price: $40


The course will examine theories and practices in case management and mentoring for successful reentry of offenders. Assessment and program development will be discussed. Biblical principles are integrated with evidence-based practices.


ProfessorRobert Vann
  • Wayne State University, MA
  • University of Wisconsin, BA


  • Describe the theories and practices for case management and mentoring.
  • Integrate evidence-based practices into case management and mentoring.
  • Examine the role of the church in providing services and mentors for offenders.
  • Demonstrate case management and mentoring skills for working with diverse populations.
  • Identify services and intervention styles that maximize client strengths and resources.
  • Develop a faith-based mentor program integrating biblical principles and addressing spiritual formation.