Foundations of Offender Reentry


Number of Lessons: 24Course Duration: 56 DaysCredits: 3Price: $40


This course will provide participants with knowledge of the biblical foundation for prisoner reintegration ministry and the practical application of reentry research. It will help participants describe the issues, barriers, and challenges to the successful reintegration of those transitioning from prison to society. The course will also describe the phases and key principles of prisoner reintegration with emphasis on making decisions related to practical planning for a ministry, along with the need to understand the various natures of individuals, churches, organizations, government entities and the community as it relates to reintegration from prison back into society.


ProfessorJoseph Williams
  • Wayne State University, MA
  • William Tyndale College, BREd


  • Summarize the Biblical foundation for ministering to those reintegrating back into society from prison and practical implications for the individuals, families, the church and para-church ministries.
  • Understand the factors that have led to the incarceration of a historical number of U.S. citizens and understand why the U.S. leads the world in the incarceration of its citizens.
  • Describe the issues, barriers, and challenges involved with helping people to successfully reintegrate from prison to society.
  • Summarize the impact of prisonization on people leaving the prison system and their families as they integrate back to their communities.
  • Understand the various natures of individuals, churches, organizations and government entities related to reintegration from prison and make recommendations.