1 & 2 Corinthians: Two Letters to a Tough Church

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1 & 2 Corinthians: Two Letters to a Tough Church


Number of Lessons: 2Avg. Lesson Length: 23 MinutesTime Required: 2 Hours MinimumLevel: Intermediate


The Corinthian church was planted in a moral cesspool. The people who came to Christ and formed that church brought a wagon-load of philosophical, religious, and moral baggage with them that made this a tough church. The two letters we have from Paul to the Corinthians deal with some of the most thorny spiritual and moral issues addressed anywhere in the Bible. This course, 1 & 2 Corinthians: Two Letters to a Tough Church, contains essential help for the Church in any age.

With this course you will also receive Ray C. Stedman’s teaching commentary related to this section of the Bible. Click here to see a sample chapter.


I respect the views on 2 Corinthians first seven verses by the lecturer, even though Ray Stedman didn’t have such a view. Actually, I have never encountered this anywhere else.

Course Reviewed: 1 year ago

Very helpful. There was some interesting new information, especially the literary device explanations. Affirmation of previous understandings and excellent summaries of important concepts regarding Christian beliefs and and applications to life today.

Course Reviewed: 1 year ago


ProfessorCraig L. Blomberg, PhD
  • University of Aberdeen in Scotland, PhD
  • Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, MA
  • Augustana College, BA


  1. To introduce students to survey information related to the New Testament.
  2. To help develop critical and practical aptitudes in understanding the Bible.
  3. To provide scholarly information that will foster a better understanding of the historical and biblical context of the New Testament.


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Advanced Biblical StudiesDetails


Brief but in-depth look at explaining the condition of Corinthians church and why the letters were written.

Course Reviewed: 1 year ago

Always informative and relevant

Course Reviewed: 1 year ago

Good basic study.

Course Reviewed: 1 year ago

It was a great opportunity for me to appreciate once again these two letters from Paul to the Corinthians.

Course Reviewed: 1 year ago

Enjoyed this course as well.

Course Reviewed: 2 years ago

Good course

Course Reviewed: 2 years ago

I enjoyed the content and gained some significant insights into 1 and 2 Corinthians.

Course Reviewed: 2 years ago