70×7: Finding Peace by Forgiving Others…And Yourself

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70×7: Finding Peace by Forgiving Others…And Yourself


Number of Lessons: 8Avg. Lesson Length: 40 MinutesTime Required: 10 Hours MinimumLevel: Basic


Something happened. It might have been yesterday. It might have been years ago. But it hurt. And it changed you. And unless you forgive those who wronged you, the heart wound will become infected and spread. Eventually, you can become a prisoner of your own wounded heart. If the story ended here, you would be hurt beyond healing. But the Good News is, it is not finished. In his creative, story-driven, highly motivating style, Bruce reveals from the words of Jesus Christ how you can find the freedom and peace your heart longs for. Discover forgiveness that is for real and forever.

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Excellent course to recommend to everyone.

Course Reviewed: 1 year ago

Forgiveness of self was most important in this course to me.

Course Reviewed: 1 year ago


ProfessorBruce Wilkinson, DD
  • Western Conservative Baptist Seminary, DD
  • Dallas Theological Seminary, ThM
  • Northeastern Bible College, BA and ThB


  • Explain the dangers of unforgiveness.
  • Understand the requirements for lasting forgiveness.
  • Understand God’s view of vengeance.
  • Explain how God can forgive anyone for anything.
  • Follow the steps to forgive others.
  • Follow the steps to forgive yourself.


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This course had released myself from bondage of unforgiveness. The steps is very clear and helps me to see clearly how to overcome unforgiveness

Course Reviewed: 1 year ago

I already have recommended it. Two people are in the middle of it. One hasn’t started. I’d like to lead it as a Bible Study soon.

Course Reviewed: 1 year ago

I really enjoyed this course and it helped me tremendously in areas I thought I free in. Thank you so much.

Course Reviewed: 1 year ago

Wow, wow, wow! Excellent study!

Course Reviewed: 1 year ago

It is absolutely true, many, many people have unforgiveness in their hearts towards others and themselves and they suffer thru-out their lifetime b/c of it. This is a great course to bring unforgiveness up as God has asked us to do and to help people forgive everyone and everything and then they an be released from great bondages and live a better, happier free life thru Jesus Christ. And not be sick any longer.

Course Reviewed: 2 years ago