Building Biblical Theology

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Building Biblical Theology


Number of Lessons: 4Avg. Lesson Length: 89 MinutesTime Required: 12 Hours MinimumLevel: Advanced


Faithful Christians have always recognized the importance of the progress of biblical history, especially as it relates to humanity’s fall into sin and to God’s redemptive work. The discipline of biblical theology arose as a means to study this progress in responsible ways. Much like systematic theology, biblical theology organizes theological ideas in ways that increase our understanding of Scripture. But whereas systematic theology organizes its ideas according to topics, biblical theology organizes its findings in historical periods or epochs. Used rightly, biblical theology is a powerful and helpful tool for interpreting and applying the Bible. The videos of this course were produced by Third Millennium Ministries (


I very much enjoyed the course. It was very simple to understand, and full of information.

Course Reviewed: 3 years ago

I learned a great deal concerning the kingdom of God and about Soteriology, insight I had not considered before.


Course Reviewed: 4 years ago


ProfessorRichard L. Pratt, Jr., ThD
  • Harvard University, ThD
  • Union Theological Seminary, MDiv
  • Roanoke College with advanced studies at Westminster Theological Seminary, BA


  1. Express his/her own thoughts and attitudes regarding biblical theology.
  2. Identify the meaning and importance of biblical theology, distinguishing it from systematic theology.
  3. Explain the process of studying biblical theology.
  4. Analyze examples of how biblical theology can help understanding of passages from the Old Testament and New Testament.
  5. Identify key themes that lie behind the historical development of theology throughout the Scriptures.
  6. Apply the teachings of the course to his/her own life.


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