Divided Monarchy

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Divided Monarchy


Number of Lessons: 24Avg. Lesson Length: 44 MinutesTime Required: 22 Hours MinimumLevel: Advanced


Success or failure starts at the top, and Israel learned the hard way that human kings were no substitute for the rule of God. This course covers the history of Israel from the beginning of Solomon’s apostasy (I Kings 11) to the Babylonian captivity (II Kings 25). Learners explore the miraculous ministries of Elijah and Elisha, and survey the rise and fall of kings including Hezekiah, Ahab, Josiah, and Jeroboam. The course concludes by examining Nebuchadnezzar’s destruction of Jerusalem.

This course is part of our Legacy Series of courses from renowned scholars over several decades.


ProfessorJohn C. Whitcomb, ThD
  • Grace Theological Seminary, BD, ThM, and ThD
  • Princeton University, BA


  1. Grasp the important theological and historical lessons which God has recorded for our learning in the books of Kings and Chronicles concerning His faithful dealings with His people.


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