Evangelism in the Local Church

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Evangelism in the Local Church


Number of Lessons: 23Avg. Lesson Length: 43 MinutesTime Required: 33 Hours MinimumLevel: Advanced


Christ’s final charge was the Great Commission: to “make disciples of all nations.” We fulfill that charge when we take the Gospel to the nations and to our own nation through our own local church. In this course, Dr. Green instructs us on how to do evangelism within a local church setting. Building on the biblical mandate for evangelism, he discusses personal and group methods for evangelism in a variety of settings, how to equip laity to witness, the use of apologetics, follow-up methods, and current issues in evangelism. Throughout the course, Dr. Green focuses on practical application and workable solutions for evangelism in local church and parachurch ministries.

This course is part of our Legacy Series of courses from renowned scholars over several decades.


ProfessorMichael P. Green, PhD
  • University of North Texas, PhD
  • Dallas Theological Seminary, ThM
  • State University of New York at Buffalo, BS


  1. Know the essential content of the gospel message, at least one method for communicating this message, and criteria for evaluating presentations of the gospel with respect to accuracy and effectiveness.
  2. Explain the function of apologetics in evangelistic work.
  3. List important issues that contemporary apologetics can address, and know resources that can be used for this.
  4. Describe how an effective evangelistic program could be integrated into the total program of a local church structurally and systemically.
  5. List the essential content of a follow-up program and be familiar with at least two methods for communicating it.
  6. Describe how to synthesize relevant biblical and secular source material into an effective evangelistic sermon or message and analyze a sermon or message to determine how to conclude it with an evangelistic appeal.
  7. Define discipleship and describe resources available to the local church for discipling.
  8. Identify and discuss some of the current issues and heresies in evangelism such as eternal damnation (hell), lordship salvation, friendship or initiative methods, the use of figurative language in gospel presentations, liberation theology, ministries to special groups, the role of social involvement and urban ministry in evangelism and witness ministry, and so forth.


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