Foundations of Systematic Theology

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Foundations of Systematic Theology


Number of Lessons: 24Avg. Lesson Length: 39 MinutesTime Required: 16 Hours MinimumLevel: Advanced


Theology can be intimidating for beginners. Many students have been overwhelmed by the diversity of opinions and sheer volume of information to comprehend. If they are to succeed in theological studies they must first establish a foundation of concepts and terminology on which to build their theological framework. In this course, Dr. Frame covers the essentials of all major areas of systematic theology with the goal of orienting listeners to the basic material necessary to understand and study God’s Word. Focusing on the overarching theme of God’s Lordship, Dr. Frame uses three “Lordship Attributes” (control, authority and presence) to organize the doctrines and help listeners remember and apply them to life.


ProfessorJohn M. Frame, DD
  • Belhaven College, DD
  • Yale University, MPhil
  • Westminster Theological Seminary, BD
  • Princeton University, AB


  1. Understand the nature of theology.
  2. Summarize what the Bible teaches on the subjects commonly discussed in theological literature.
  3. Trace ways in which biblical teachings are linked together by the overarching theme of lordship.
  4. Understand key theological terms and concepts to apply in future theological studies.
  5. Identify major doctrinal controversies in the history of the church and show how those controversies affected the study of theology.
  6. Apply good theological methods to analyze issues not explicitly discussed in the course.
  7. Appreciate the personal spiritual significance of understanding basic theological concepts.
  8. Analyze your own spiritual life in light of biblical doctrine in order to identify areas in which you need to grow.
  9. Place a high value on theology for spiritual growth for yourself and those you teach.


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