Group Dynamics

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Group Dynamics


Number of Lessons: 10Avg. Lesson Length: 9 MinutesTime Required: 23 Hours MinimumLevel: Basic


How is it that some groups seem to relate well together, work well together, and think well together when there are groups that just don’t seem to connect at all? Without feeling connected, people may participate in our ministry groups, but will they be changed as a result? As a leader, making a strong connection possible means to stop doing what comes naturally to you and start doing what works. The Group Dynamics course will show you ten effective ways to guide your ministry group. Begin today and experience a great connection in your group.


This course was very informative. I think every leader, whether in corporate America or Church leadership, should take this course to learn how to deal with People Dynamics, Process Dynamics and Play Dynamics.

Course Reviewed: 6 hours ago

I can see where some of the aspects of this course have been implemented in the ministry at my church and where people are using the tactics and tips imparted. I am gaining so much from these courses and realize even more than ever I have a lot of work to do.

Course Reviewed: 11 hours ago


ProfessorDeb McCormick
  • Oklahoma State University, MA
  • Louisiana Tech University, BA
  • Extensive professional training from The Bergerac Company, Development Dimensions International (DDI), Emme and Associates, and the Stephen Covey Learning Center
  • Certified instructor through Learning International and Dr. Edward De Bono in skills such as lateral thinking, coaching, and interpersonal management


  1. Lead a small group to deeper personal connections among members.
  2. Guide a group to identifying their purpose for meeting and interacting.
  3. Model effective listening skills.
  4. Observe changed lives as a result of small-group participation.

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Advanced Studies in Christian LeadershipDetails


I would highly recommend the course Group Dynamics to my colleagues. This course is beneficial to anyone who functions in a leadership, managerial or team member role. The lecturer Deb McCormick made each lesson engaging, interjected real-life scenarios and biblical principles that can be used in any setting both professionally and spiritually. Each lesson was thought provoking and provided relevant reasons and topics on the importance of making a connection; stop doing what you have always done if you are not getting the results you should; learn to appreciate the differences in others and use them for the benefit of the team; and specifically lesson four, “Start Trying to Impress Others and Start Impacting Others.”

Course Reviewed: 11 hours ago

Very informative I feel I am able to be a better facilitator of my group.

Course Reviewed: 7 days ago

The course was informative and beneficial.

Course Reviewed: 1 week ago

The speaker was very clear, and gave great examples that I can use in everyday life.

Course Reviewed: 2 weeks ago

The course provided good insight to the dynamics of a small group and provided good tips regarding how to manage difficult situations and individuals.

Course Reviewed: 2 weeks ago

Course was right to the point! There was not a lot of unnecessary material. I enjoyed the entire course.

Course Reviewed: 3 weeks ago

!!! It is revolutionary, encouraging, challenging, confrontational and yet loaded with a message of HOPE for individuals, groups and Churches.

It is easy to understand, practical and insightful. Thank you for this life-changing course

Course Reviewed: 3 weeks ago

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, I just wished I could have printed the final exam!

Course Reviewed: 4 weeks ago

More knowledge and understanding to apply to my life lessons.

Course Reviewed: 1 month ago

I gained more knowledge to use in my life.

Course Reviewed: 1 month ago