Introduction to Theology

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Introduction to Theology


Number of Lessons: 15Avg. Lesson Length: 23 MinutesTime Required: 12 Hours MinimumLevel: Advanced


Welcome to Introduction to Theology, an online undergraduate-level course designed to introduce you to the basic doctrines of the Christian faith. The teaching method is systematic, but it locates each topic within Scripture and with reference to formative historical concerns. The course assumes that you have some basic familiarity with the Bible; it is intended primarily to serve as a general education survey for undergraduate students.

The course recognizes that the discipline of theology itself is not well understood, and therefore strives not only to teach theological content, but also method. You will be invited into the act of “faith-thinking” (fides quaerens intellectum), aiming to cultivate the lifelong virtue of intellectual obedience to the Word of God.


ProfessorAaron Smith, PhD
  • Marquette University, PhD
  • Bethel Seminary-San Diego, MDiv
  • California State University-San Diego, BA


  1. Express an understanding of basic concepts, themes, figures, and events that have shaped historic Christian faith.
  2. Show an awareness of theological sources and subject matter, especially Scripture and the central doctrinal formulations of the Christian tradition.
  3. Identify and engage some significant patterns of thought within Christian history.
  4. Express sensitivity to issues that have divided Christians, including the different ways people have thought about such matters and exhibit a preliminary ability to assess strengths and weaknesses of these lines of thinking.
  5. Practice doing theology and not just talking about it.
  6. Develop a knack for effective communication; no class in Christian theology should want for opportunity to show grace while interacting with persons whose ideas differ from one’s own.
  7. Exhibit critical thinking skills, including analysis of and personal interaction with complex arguments.
  8. Demonstrate writing aptitude both as this pertains to precision in language use and thought and to grammar and syntax; u shld lrn 2 prctice GOOD English in this era of txtng.

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