Jeremiah-Ezekiel: Human Failure & Divine Success – A Study in Contrast

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Jeremiah-Ezekiel: Human Failure & Divine Success – A Study in Contrast


Number of Lessons: 3Avg. Lesson Length: 26 MinutesTime Required: 3 Hours MinimumLevel: Intermediate


In this course, Jeremiah-Ezekiel: Human Failure and Divine Success—A Study in Contrasts, students will learn about two prophets whose ministry related to Jerusalem’s fall to the Babylonians. This unthinkable event—that the city where God lived in His temple could be destroyed—is studied as a threat in Jeremiah and as a historical reality in Ezekiel. Both the miserable failure of God’s people and God’s success in judging and yet preserving His people are surveyed in this course that studies these two prophets.

With this course you will also receive Ray C. Stedman’s teaching commentary related to this section of the Bible. Click here to see a sample chapter.


I have a tremendous amount of new knowledge of the prophets Jeremiah and Ezekiel. It’s been a blessing and a wonderful study. Great insight into how God deals with his people and us.

Course Reviewed: 3 months ago

Very good content, and some great insights. I particularly enjoyed this course because it featured two of my favorite prophets and the third lesson on the Old Testament Canon.

Course Reviewed: 1 year ago


ProfessorDouglas K. Stuart, PhD
  • Harvard University, PhD
  • Yale Divinity School, graduate studies
  • Harvard University, BA


  1. To introduce students to survey information of the Old Testament.
  2. To help develop critical and practical aptitudes in understanding the Bible.
  3. To provide scholarly information that will help students better understand the historical and biblical context of the Old Testament.


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Advanced Biblical StudiesDetails


Good history. Good overview.

Course Reviewed: 1 year ago

I was impressed by the third lesson on the Canonicity of the Bible. I learned a lot from this lesson. Again, the commentary by Ray Stedman was very helpful.

Course Reviewed: 1 year ago

The prophets are so interesting. I’d like to go in depth sometime. The various perspectives explained here were informative.

Course Reviewed: 2 years ago

Good basic review and very good information on the Canon – I learned a lot in this unit.

Course Reviewed: 3 years ago

Another engaging course. Thank you.

Course Reviewed: 3 years ago