Kingdom, Covenants, and Canon of the Old Testament

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Kingdom, Covenants, and Canon of the Old Testament


Number of Lessons: 4Avg. Lesson Length: 87 MinutesTime Required: 12 Hours MinimumLevel: Advanced


This course gives a brief survey of the Old Testament, examining the themes of “Kingdom, Covenants and Canon.” It shows that the Old Testament is not a random amalgam of episodes, genealogies and prophetic tidbits. Instead, it is unified around the central theme of the kingdom of God, which was administered through covenants and applied to life through the Old Testament as a “canon” (guideline) for our lives. It is based on the Third Millennium DVD series by Dr. Richard L. Pratt, Jr.


Another very informative course , taught in my favored medium. Thank you once again.

Course Reviewed: 4 years ago


ProfessorRichard L. Pratt, Jr., ThD
  • Harvard University, ThD
  • Union Theological Seminary, MDiv
  • Roanoke College with advanced studies at Westminster Theological Seminary, BA


  1. Develop a new interest in studying and teaching from the Old Testament.
  2. Grasp the unity of the Old Testament, as expressed in the theme of the Kingdom of God, and understand the purpose of God in the history of the Old Testament, as expressed in the covenants.
  3. Make changes in his/her life as a response to the teachings of this course. It should change the way the student studies the Old Testament and help him/her analyze contemporary expressions of thought.


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