Lamentations-Job: God’s Path Through Pain

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Lamentations-Job: God’s Path Through Pain


Number of Lessons: 2Avg. Lesson Length: 27 MinutesTime Required: 2 Hours MinimumLevel: Intermediate


Pressure and pain are realities of life. One of the verifying realities of the Old Testament record is its openness about the difficulties God’s people often suffered—and were often confused by. This course, Lamentations-Job: God’s Path Through Pain, studies three books that deal head-on with the pain and pressure often associated with being God’s people.

With this course you will also receive Ray C. Stedman’s teaching commentary related to this section of the Bible. Click here to see a sample chapter.


Truly loved this. It really gave me great insights into these books of the Old Testament. Lamentations is not a normal go to book for me, but I learned so much about its structure and set up, it helped me appreciate its inclusion in the Scriptures. Job and Esther have always been favorites of mine, but I was able to learn so much, especially about Job through this course. Highly recommend it.

Course Reviewed: 1 day ago

I learned so much regarding suffering through studying the Books of Esther, Lamentations and Job. Ironically, while studying these books I was able to give two of my friends Godly wisdom that were suffering and encouraged them to read the books. God is amazing!!!!!

Course Reviewed: 2 weeks ago


ProfessorDouglas K. Stuart, PhD
  • Harvard University, PhD
  • Yale Divinity School, graduate studies
  • Harvard University, BA


  1. To introduce students to survey information of the Old Testament.
  2. To help develop critical and practical aptitudes in understanding the Bible.
  3. To provide scholarly information that will help students better understand the historical and biblical context of the Old Testament.

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Lots to cover in these books and the lecturer does a great job of summarizing. I got the flow of Job easily. This instructor has a great way of retelling a story. I get the feel and import very quickly.

Course Reviewed: 4 months ago

I enjoyed the lecture and material. The lecture on Lamentations was very insightful where it discussed the structure of the poetry. Thank you.

Course Reviewed: 12 months ago

The book of Job has always interested me so I especially loved this course. To my surprise, I am now interested to learn more about the book of Esther due to this course. The way things are explained makes it easier to understand and makes me want to learn more and go deeper into scripture. Thank you!

Course Reviewed: 1 year ago