Life of Christ

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Life of Christ


Number of Lessons: 7Avg. Lesson Length: 16 MinutesTime Required: 2 Hours MinimumLevel: Basic


Jesus lived the most impactful life in all of history. This course takes students through the key events in Jesus’s life and includes a companion website with over 200 additional interactive learning resources. This course can also be used as a family study. Watch the lesson video together and then enhance your learning by working together on the interactive activities on the companion website!


The Lesson was very thorough an insightful.

Course Reviewed: 2 months ago

Each lesson taught me something I didn’t know previously. Fun course.

Course Reviewed: 2 months ago


ProfessorOur Daily Bread University


  1. Have a basic understanding of who Jesus and the four gospel writers were.
  2. Explain the beginning of Jesus’s life on earth.
  3. Identify key people and events that pointed to the birth of the promised Savior.
  4. Understand why God sent Jesus to earth.
  5. Explain Jesus’s temptation, His miracles, and His power to forgive sins.
  6. Explain Jesus’s teachings about Himself, about life here on earth, and about eternal life.
  7. Identify the events of Passion Week and the events immediately preceding.
  8. Understand the events of Jesus’s resurrection and His last days on earth, the gifting of the Holy Spirit, and the beginning of the early church.
  9. Explain Jesus’s teachings about eternal life with God.


Interesting, I did learn a few things.

Course Reviewed: 2 months ago