Messianic Prophecy

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Messianic Prophecy


Number of Lessons: 24Avg. Lesson Length: 27 MinutesTime Required: 24 Hours MinimumLevel: Advanced


From the protoevangellum in Genesis 3:15, proceeding through the other various Old Testament covenants, God’s people anticipated the coming Messiah. Hundreds of prophecies were spoken, and those longing for God’s kingdom reign waited for the day when their King would establish the throne of David forever. Still, when Jesus, the promised Messiah arrived, He received a mixed reception. Some embraced Him as the Savior of the world, while others rejected Him as a false teacher. But who was right? In this important study, Louis Goldberg takes learners through an in-depth study of Messianic prophecy. He explores the prophecies Jesus has fulfilled and at those which will culminate in His future return.

This course is part of our Legacy Series of courses from renowned scholars over several decades.


I enjoyed these lectures, thank you.

Course Reviewed: 3 years ago

I thought these lectures were excellent, they presented new ideas to me and answered some questions I have had for a long time. A written manuscript would have been very helpful during the study. I found the teacher very knowledgeable in the subject and easy to understand.

Course Reviewed: 3 years ago


ProfessorLouis Goldberg, ThD (1923-2002)
  • Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Postdoctoral work in Jewish studies
  • Grace Theological Seminary, ThD
  • Roosevelt University, MA
  • Northern Baptist Theological Seminary, BD and ThM
  • University of Southern California, BS


  1. Trace the development of Messianic prophecy from its origin in the Old Testament to the period of the 1st century AD.
  2. Show how Jesus of Nazareth, in His being, life, and work, fulfilled many Messianic prophecies and that He will yet fulfill many of the Old Testament prophecies in the coming prophetic kingdom.
  3. Indicate Jewish interpretations of Messianic prophecy in various Scripture passages.
  4. Develop discriminating judgment in exegesis as to what constitutes a legitimate Messianic prophecy and/or typology in the interrelation between the Old and New Testaments.
  5. Examine some of the national prophecies and typological teaching concerning Israel directly relevant to the ministry of Jesus the Messiah.


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