Ministering to People in Pain


Number of Lessons: 10Avg. Lesson Length: 18 MinutesTime Required: 7 Hours MinimumLevel: Intermediate


All of us experience pain in different ways at different times in our lives. For most of us, pain is a common experience that we don’t want. In fact, we go to great lengths to try to avoid it. But when we find we can’t avoid it, most of us need help in dealing with it. In this course, Dr. Alice Mathews and Dr. Karen Mason explain several types of interventions, which help us understand how we can come alongside people in pain and minister to them more effectively.


Very informative and relevant to me.

Course Reviewed: 1 week ago

Many of the topics [the professors] talked about with violence, forgiveness, self-esteem, how to be a better listener and understanding how God works things out for our good was very insightful and I enjoyed this course so much. [The professors] have done such an amazing job . . . this course was truly a blessing. Thank you for sharing your time and wisdom to so many that need this including me.

Course Reviewed: 2 years ago


ProfessorAlice Mathews, PhD
  • Iliff School of Theology/University of Denver, PhD
  • Michigan State University, MA
  • Bob Jones University, BA


  1. Understand various definitions and causes of pain.
  2. Define “minister” and explain how a minister comes alongside people in pain.
  3. Learn to make sense of life’s negative experiences in light of Who we believe God is.
  4. Identify and employ various methods of intervening in people’s lives in order to help them.


This course not only helped me to get starting in helping others, but it also helped me to learn how to deal with my own pain.

Course Reviewed: 2 years ago

Must take course for Christian counselors

Course Reviewed: 2 years ago

The course material was very practical, helpful, and ready to be used by learners right away in their daily lives.

Course Reviewed: 2 years ago