Principles of Leadership Development


Number of Lessons: 5Avg. Lesson Length: 44 MinutesTime Required: 4 Hours MinimumLevel: Basic


Adapted from lectures delivered at Willow Creek’s Leadership Summit by 5 of today’s most influential leaders, this course offers principles of effective multicultural leadership. In this course, you will learn how to become a transformational leader, identify the enemies of a growing church, develop problem-solving strategies, resolve to complete your God-given mission, and effectively lead multicultural communities.


ProfessorOur Daily Bread Christian University


  1. Identify models or stages of leadership that culminate in transformational leadership.
  2. Describe the major enemies of a growing church.
  3. Discuss keys to problem-solving.
  4. Resolve to complete his/her God-given mission.
  5. Understand effective leadership in multicultural communities.

Learning Paths

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