Revelation: The Book of Revelation – The End & The Beginning

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Revelation: The Book of Revelation – The End & The Beginning


Number of Lessons: 2Avg. Lesson Length: 23 MinutesTime Required: 2 Hours MinimumLevel: Intermediate


In Revelation: The Book of Revelation – The End and the Beginning, the New Testament and the Bible culminate with this glorious description of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. All of history’s events are culminated in this fantastic story of Christ’s ultimate triumph over evil and the restoration of all things to their created design.

With this course you will also receive Ray C. Stedman’s teaching commentary related to this section of the Bible.


It was very refreshing to learn about Revelation from someone who has opinions about it but is respectful to other opinions. I learned much about the genres and symbolism in Revelation. Great course!

Course Reviewed: 4 months ago

It is very informative and interesting to arouse the student’s desire to learn more.

Course Reviewed: 6 months ago


ProfessorCraig L. Blomberg, PhD
  • University of Aberdeen in Scotland, PhD
  • Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, MA
  • Augustana College, BA


  1. To introduce students to survey information related to the New Testament.
  2. To help develop critical and practical aptitudes in understanding the Bible.
  3. To provide scholarly information that will foster a better understanding of the historical and biblical context of the New Testament.


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Advanced Biblical StudiesDetails


This course made Revelation easier to understand and corrected wrong impressions of this wonderful book of the Bible.

Course Reviewed: 6 months ago

This is such a helpful tool in order to have a good understanding of the overview and meaning of the Book of Revelation.

Course Reviewed: 7 months ago

This course is a good introductory of the book of Revelation. It provides a foundation for one to dig deeper for the next course.

Course Reviewed: 7 months ago

Awesome. Incredibly thought provoking, especially in light of current world events (corona virus, etc). Glad the Lord has everything sorted out and under control.

Course Reviewed: 10 months ago

This was a very good introduction to Revelation. It will help lay the foundation for deeper learning. The warning not to interpret the book in light of today’s current events was helpful. Thank you.

Course Reviewed: 11 months ago

The information was definitely challenging yet very informative and helpful to building up my spiritual knowledge.

Course Reviewed: 12 months ago

Good overview and info.

Course Reviewed: 12 months ago

The lessons were thorough and easy to understand.

Course Reviewed: 1 year ago

I love the book of Revelation and enjoyed getting a more in-depth view of it.

Course Reviewed: 1 year ago

Enjoyed the overview – very clear and understandable for such a complex book.

Course Reviewed: 1 year ago