SoulCare Foundations I: The Basic Model

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SoulCare Foundations I: The Basic Model


Number of Lessons: 10Avg. Lesson Length: 27 MinutesTime Required: 10 Hours MinimumLevel: Intermediate


This course is designed to help you enter people’s interior lives at a meaningful level and make a lasting difference as they deal with life’s struggles and crises. Some people call this type of help “counseling.” Others call this help “pastoring.” And perhaps others think of this kind of involvement as what one friend does for another friend. Larry Crabb uses the word SoulCare, with its focus on the inner life, where we become who we were intended and long to be.


So very helpful! It is a powerful invitation to process for my own life, and to gain much depth in our ministry in Albania/Europe. So deeply thankful!!

Course Reviewed: 3 days ago

This is my second time taking the course. The first time was incredibly informative, and the second time is just as powerful (it has been several years).

Course Reviewed: 1 week ago


ProfessorLarry J. Crabb, PhD
  • University of Illinois, MA and PhD
  • Ursinus College, BS


  1. Understand the basic model of SoulCare.
  2. Resist temptation to keep relationships shallow.
  3. Move into somebody’s life (with the wisdom that knows how the soul works) in meaningful, deep, soul-connecting kinds of ways.


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Another good, thought provoking course.

Course Reviewed: 3 weeks ago

The course was great and the teaching was presented in a memorable and interesting way.

Course Reviewed: 3 weeks ago

Challenging course of study. And necessary to real life.

Course Reviewed: 3 weeks ago

Dr. Crabb’s real life examples and ways of story-telling made understanding SoulCare less daunting. I appreciate the personal touch added to make the course relevant to life and it’s obstacles.

Course Reviewed: 1 month ago

Excellent course, very compelling.

Course Reviewed: 2 months ago

I chose Introduction to SoulCare because I am a person who is genuinely concerned about what goes on in a person’s soul and wanted some meaningful way to enter that arena. Dr. Crabb does an excellent job of providing the basics on how to do that and for that I’m grateful. Looking forward to the other lessons in this Module!

Course Reviewed: 2 months ago

Thank you very much; I enjoyed this and found it quite helpful.

Course Reviewed: 3 months ago

Fantastic class. I learned so much.

Course Reviewed: 3 months ago

I really appreciate someone speaking into one of the most needed subjects on counseling of our day especially with such a specific focus on what God really asks of us in reaching out to each other and those in pain in the reality of how this is in opposition to secular thinking. It truly is the simple and beautiful way of the Spirit.

Course Reviewed: 3 months ago

Appreciated it so much, thank you!!

Course Reviewed: 3 months ago