SoulCare Foundations IV: Community-Where SoulCare Happens

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SoulCare Foundations IV: Community-Where SoulCare Happens


Number of Lessons: 10Avg. Lesson Length: 28 MinutesTime Required: 10 Hours MinimumLevel: Intermediate


In this fourth course in the SoulCare series, Dr. Larry Crabb suggests ways in which SoulCare can become a reality in your life. What does it mean to join someone else where they are and walk with them on the journey to the center of their heart? Can SoulCare become a supernaturally routine reality in our communities? These questions and more are discussed in this final course in the SoulCare series.


I am really enjoying and getting a better understanding of what it means to actually stir someone’s soul toward wanting to know God through loving them the way God loves us, which is unconditionally.

Course Reviewed: 1 month ago

Dr. Crabb does a great job of developing the course in a way that makes it easier to understand how it works. In all of his courses, this is the case. It is very thorough and comprehensive. I learned a lot about the greatness of God and His will for us. Also, the influence of Jesus and the new covenant.

Course Reviewed: 2 months ago


ProfessorLarry J. Crabb, PhD
  • University of Illinois, MA and PhD
  • Ursinus College, BS


  1. Explore ways in which SoulCare can become a routine reality in his/her life and in our communities.
  2. Feel encouraged to actually join another person on their journey home.


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My spiritual eyes are awakened!!

Course Reviewed: 3 months ago

A very uplifting curriculum which has encouraged me in my own relationship with God, as well as in my desire to love others better. I believe this course teaches spiritual truth in practical ways which foster spiritual growth and courage.

Course Reviewed: 6 months ago

I have enjoyed this course and the way Dr. Crabb has brought everything together.

Course Reviewed: 8 months ago
Course Reviewed: 10 months ago

Learned a lot

Course Reviewed: 10 months ago

Very helpful in helping others with everyday life issues and assisting me with my everyday life issues as well!

Course Reviewed: 12 months ago

This course has been very interesting and helpful, and it leaves me longing to be part of God’s work in moving the church towards becoming a more effective soul-care community.

Course Reviewed: 1 year ago

Course was great!!

Course Reviewed: 1 year ago

Very good teaching

Course Reviewed: 1 year ago

Very interesting

Course Reviewed: 1 year ago