SoulCare Foundations IV: Community-Where SoulCare Happens

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SoulCare Foundations IV: Community-Where SoulCare Happens


Number of Lessons: 10Avg. Lesson Length: 28 MinutesTime Required: 10 Hours MinimumLevel: Intermediate


In this fourth course in the SoulCare series, Dr. Larry Crabb suggests ways in which SoulCare can become a reality in your life. What does it mean to join someone else where they are and walk with them on the journey to the center of their heart? Can SoulCare become a supernaturally routine reality in our communities? These questions and more are discussed in this final course in the SoulCare series.


Blessings Dr. Crabb, I am SO VERY Thankful for your depth of insight & understanding in desiring above all else to glorify God & His Faithfulness as we draw near to Him! I prayfully look forward to presenting SoulCare to our Church for it is SO DEEPLY needed! I look forward to continued studies @ Our Daily Bread University & Thank you again for this Wonderful Labor of Love for God & His people!!!

Course Reviewed: 5 days ago

I gained more knowledge of SoulCare.

Course Reviewed: 7 days ago


ProfessorLarry J. Crabb, PhD
  • University of Illinois, MA and PhD
  • Ursinus College, BS


  1. Explore ways in which SoulCare can become a routine reality in his/her life and in our communities.
  2. Feel encouraged to actually join another person on their journey home.

Learning Paths

Advanced Studies in Spiritual FormationDetails


This section is just as informative as the others and this entire course is awesome. I have learned a lot and things said in this entire course have confirmed to me that I was actually in line with His Spirit as I have counseled with others in the past.

Course Reviewed: 1 week ago

This was an in-depth course and I learned a lot. Through the course, and I’m not yet finished but … I felt God was searching my heart and caused me to see myself in a different perspective. It has brought more peace to my soul, and understanding more about God, myself and especially my wandering daughter.
It has helped me to understand other people better. I have felt like I have gone through many weeks of SoulCare and have come to gain wisdom in how much God loves us. Everyone needs a spiritual friend and I’m glad God has blessed me with many. SoulCare involves more than I realized and I have learned what it truly means.

Course Reviewed: 1 month ago
Course Reviewed: 1 month ago

This course was my “small group” for the last year. It provided a place of growth, stimulation, learning, encouragement, hope. I greatly appreciated Dr. Crabb’s teaching style and also the ability to download a written format as I learn best from reading. This course shines a light on what I believe has been missing within our churches and possibly a large reason for the lack of interest people have in committing to a physical church in this 21st century. I am so grateful for what has been deposited into my soul through this course.

Course Reviewed: 1 month ago

I thank God for this course because it is a continuous reminder of the daily conversations that we engage in on a daily basis.

Course Reviewed: 2 months ago

Well this was good! But challenging…and enlightening. Thank you for stretching my brain to learn more.

Course Reviewed: 2 months ago

The course was very enlightening.

Course Reviewed: 2 months ago

Great information- thank you Dr Crabb!

Course Reviewed: 3 months ago

Super helpful course! I feel I have grown spiritually and appreciate this course being offered.

Course Reviewed: 3 months ago

I enjoyed the course; the quizzes were interesting and the transcripts were helpful!

Course Reviewed: 3 months ago