The Book of Job

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The Book of Job


Number of Lessons: 24Avg. Lesson Length: 28 MinutesTime Required: 24 Hours MinimumLevel: Advanced


Is God too weak to stop suffering? Does God not care about my situation? In a world full of sin, pain and hardship remain daily realities. Throughout history, humanity has wrestled with the problems of suffering and has often questioned the goodness of God. Wood retells the story of Job and the struggles he endured. Throughout the course, students examine Job’s tumultuous life and the various responses to his suffering given by his friends and family. Ultimately, Job learns to praise God no matter what his circumstance. Despite Satan’s attempts to thwart the plans of God, the Lord remains sovereign over all.


ProfessorLeon J. Wood, PhD (1918-1977)
  • New York State University and Oriental Institute, Chicago, various graduate studies
  • Michigan State University, PhD
  • Calvin Theological Seminary, ThM
  • Calvin College, AB


  1. Grasp the message of the book of Job.
  2. Understand the historical and contextual setting of the book.
  3. Identify Satan’s schemes and tactics.
  4. Recognize God’s sovereignty in all things.
  5. Point out the counseling strengths and weaknesses of Job’s friends.
  6. Identify with Job’s suffering.
  7. Appreciate the book’s relevance for today.
  8. Apply the book’s message to life and ministry.


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