The Radical Reformation

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The Radical Reformation


Number of Lessons: 24Avg. Lesson Length: 18 MinutesTime Required: 14 Hours MinimumLevel: Advanced


Where the Protestants wanted reform, the Radicals wanted separation. This course examines those groups of the Reformation era that sought a complete break from the Catholic Church. Following a topical and historical progression, learners study the beginning of the movement, its development, and its various manifestations. Students gain insight into the tension between the Radicals and the Reformers that led to the rise of divisions within the church. The goal of the course is to understand more fully the shifts that have formed within the history of the church, enabling them to minister more effectively to contemporary church audiences.

This course is part of our Legacy Series of courses from renowned scholars over several decades.


ProfessorAbraham Friesen, PhD
  • Stanford University, MA and PhD
  • University of Manitoba, Canada, BA


  1. Understand the nature of the movement in the context of the 16th century.
  2. Define the meaning of radical Christianity in the context of the Reformation.
  3. Gain insight into the roots of the modern “Free Church” movement, which is important for a proper understanding of American Christianity.
  4. Describe the origins of the “historic peace churches.”
  5. Gain a historical perspective on current ecumenical dialogue within Protestantism.


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