What’s That Book About?

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What’s That Book About?


Number of Lessons: 5Avg. Lesson Length: 39 MinutesTime Required: 4 Hours MinimumLevel: Basic


Perhaps you’re familiar with the Bible, but not with the over-arching story this book unfolds to us from its beginning in Genesis to its conclusion in Revelation. Discover the themes that unite these 66 books into a cohesive narrative. And discover the essential part you play in this big story.


I enjoyed the topics and how they were presented. Thank you so much.

Course Reviewed: 2 weeks ago

I really enjoyed this course.

Course Reviewed: 2 weeks ago


ProfessorMark Young, PhD
  • Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, PhD
  • Dallas Theological Seminary, ThM


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The course was great! It gave me insight and knowledge. It caused me to think in depth about the Bible story and God’s redemptive mission. I love reading the articles written by scholars. The articles were personable and further explain the narrative of the Bible story.

Course Reviewed: 2 months ago

The reading materials and lectures were clear and concise and helped to provide key understanding of the topics.

Course Reviewed: 3 months ago

What I’ve learned about the Bible in this course has been a tremendous help to understanding what God has been teaching me all along.

Course Reviewed: 5 months ago

Outstanding course. I finally see my place in the big picture.

Course Reviewed: 7 months ago

The course was very stimulating, I was able to expand my understanding and meditation of God’s Word.

Course Reviewed: 7 months ago

Great course. Really explained the thread that runs through the entire Bible.

Course Reviewed: 8 months ago

Excellent lectures and readings; enjoyed very much and learned a lot.

Course Reviewed: 8 months ago

Outstanding Course! I learned so much from the professor! I will definitely share with others!

Course Reviewed: 9 months ago

It is easy to understand yet very informative. I learned so much.

Course Reviewed: 10 months ago

The reading materials are great. It gives me more knowledge aside from Dr. Young’s explanation. Meanwhile, Dr. Young’s presentations are very easy to understand as he uses simple English language for listeners to follow. The transcript helps me review the lessons.

Course Reviewed: 10 months ago