Women and Church Leadership

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Women and Church Leadership


Number of Lessons: 13Avg. Lesson Length: 28 MinutesTime Required: 13 Hours MinimumLevel: Advanced


In Women and Church Leadership, you will work with biblical, theological, historical and contemporary issues and models for the ministries of women. In particular, you will examine these issues in the light of the best recent scholarship and in the light of current denominational debates on the question of women’s ordination to pastoral ministry or other types of leadership in the church. The subject of this course is one that is critical in the church today. CUGN encourages you to approach the subject with an open mind and heart as you review all perspectives on the issue. The goal of the course is to help you develop a point of view that is theologically sound and that fts with your personal convictions. (If you are interested in a somewhat different perspective on women in leadership roles within the church, CUGN also offers ML505 Ministering to Women in the Church by Lucy Mabery-Foster, Ph.D.)

This course is part of our Legacy Series of courses from renowned scholars over several decades.


ProfessorAlice Mathews, PhD
  • Iliff School of Theology/University of Denver, PhD
  • Michigan State University, MA
  • Bob Jones University, BA


  1. Articulate the relevant issues on all sides of the question of women and church leadership.
  2. State his/her own biblical and theological understanding and the position he/she has come to as a result of having taken this course.


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