Worldview Basics

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Worldview Basics


Number of Lessons: 6Avg. Lesson Length: 10 MinutesTime Required: 2 Hours MinimumLevel: Basic


How would your life be different if you had been born into another home, culture, or religious faith? Your perspective of life is influenced by your culture, your background, and your life experiences. This is called your worldview. The Worldview Basics course will compare seven major worldviews and examine what makes a biblical worldview so unique. Dig in and discover how worldviews influence you and others in ways you and they may not always be conscious of.


All the classes were interesting and very applicable to our present day situation and times in which we are, I was blessed by it.

Course Reviewed: 3 years ago

Interesting and informative – brought all world views together as being fragments of the Biblical view.

Course Reviewed: 4 years ago


  1. Accurately define what is meant by the term “worldview.”
  2. Identify by name and concept seven worldviews commonly held in the world today.
  3. Explain how each worldview answers these questions: “What Is Real?,” “Who Am I?,” “Where Did I Come From?,” “Why Am I Here?,” “What Is the Basis for My Values?,” and “What Does the Future Hold?”
  4. Discern comparisons and contrasts between each worldview on topics of reality, identity, origins, meaning, ethics, and the future.
  5. List the six distinctives of a biblical worldview and explain to someone else the internal consistency of a biblical worldview in contrast to the other worldviews examined.
  6. Explain how part of God’s truth can be found in each worldview.
  7. Make a decision concerning which worldview you feel to be the most consistent with truth.


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