Below are some frequently asked questions that we hope will help you. If you find that your question was not resolved, please feel free to contact us directly.

The Certificate of Completion is available for over 170 courses. When you complete the requirements for each course, you will receive a downloadable Certificate of Completion so that you can proudly document your achievement.

Why did Christian University GlobalNet change its name to Our Daily Bread University?


Christian University GlobalNet has been a part of Our Daily Bread Ministries for nearly 20 years. You may have even noticed the “from Our Daily Bread Ministries” under our name. However, recent efforts to learn how we can serve our students more effectively have helped us realize that “Christian University GlobalNet from Our Daily Bread Ministries” doesn’t quite tell the story of who we are. We are the online learning platform for Our Daily Bread Ministries, and our name should reflect that.

What does this name-change mean for me?
You will continue to receive the same high-quality learning experience you’re already familiar with, and at the same affordable price. We hope that whenever you see “Our Daily Bread University” where “Christian University GlobalNet” used to be, you will be blessed to remember that your monthly subscription helps support Our Daily Bread Ministries’ efforts around the world to make the life-changing wisdom of the Bible understandable and accessible to all. Thank you for your continued support, and welcome to Our Daily Bread University!

If you subscribed prior to February 2019 and your subscription is still active, you will need to log in at http://elearning.cugn.org.

If you subscribed in February 2019 or later and your subscription is still active, you will need to log in at www.christianuniversitycertificates.org.

If you subscribed prior to February 2019 and your subscription is no longer active, you will need to create a new account and reactivate your subscription by following these steps:
  1. Click the “1, 3, and 6 Month Options/Subscribe Today” banner in the middle of the screen.
  2. Select your preferred subscription option.
  3. Complete the form to create your account and submit payment. **IMPORTANT**: To retain your previous course records you must use the same email address your original account was created under. Your username and password can be different, but you must use the same email address.
Once you have created your account, you will now always log in at christianuniversitycertificates.org, to access your courses.
If you are attempting to log in to your FREE account, you must log in at www.christianuniversity.org.

Certificate of Completion courses provide the same course lecture material offered by Our Daily Bread Christian University but also offer the opportunity to have your work certified with a Certificate of Completion. To take courses for a Certificate of Completion, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select a subscription option that best fits you.
  2. Browse our course library and click “Access Course” on a course that you are interested in taking.
  3. Complete all the requirements within the course and receive your Certificate of Completion.

We have three different subscription options that range from $7.96 to $9.95 per month. This allows you unlimited access to all the courses. You will receive a Certificate of Completion after you finish each course.

All courses will require that you watch/listen/read all of the lectures and complete some basic requirements such as answering discussion questions and completing quizzes. Specific requirements will be available for each course in the course syllabus.

You can browse our store to see a full listing of our courses.

You will earn a Certificate of Completion but will NOT be awarded academic credit.

ACSI will award two CEUs per course for all courses on their approved list. For more information about earning ACSI CEUs, click here.

Subscriptions will continue without interruption for as long as you choose to continue the subscription or we are unable to collect the subscription payment due to, but not limited to, insufficient funds, expired or cancelled payment cards, overdrafts and closed accounts.

You can choose to change your payment method at anytime during your subscription. To do so, please visit your dashboard and click on the “View” button for your active subscription. You can then click on the “Change Payment” button to update your credit card.

You can choose to cancel your subscription at any time. To cancel your subscription, please visit your account page and click on the “View” button for your active subscription. You can then click on the “Cancel” button to stop your subscription. Please note, that your subscription access will continue until the renewal date.

If you subscribed prior to February 2019, you will need to cancel your subscription by logging into your PayPal account or contacting us directly.

Many of our courses include a “Response Time” feature. These discussion forums help you reflect on key points of the course and allow you to post your thoughts for others to view. We encourage you to take advantage of these forums by reading and responding to a minimum of two other student posts in each lesson. This is an excellent way to learn from others who are enrolled in the course.