Number of Courses: 9 Level: Basic


Where does one begin who wants to learn to study the Bible or grow in his/her walk with Jesus? The Basics Series provides a great first step in personal and small-group discipleship related to understanding the Christian faith and growing in relationship with Jesus.

From understanding the overarching story of the Bible to growing spiritually, or from learning how to study the Bible to gaining a bird’s-eye view of basic Christian beliefs and the essentials of developing a biblical worldview, each course in this series is laid out in 10–20 minute short lessons.


Our Daily Bread UniversitySid Buzzell, PhDJohn Beck, PhD


Spiritual Life BasicsDetails

Bible Study BasicsDetails

Bible BasicsDetails

Old Testament BasicsDetails

New Testament BasicsDetails

Theology BasicsDetails

World Religions BasicsDetails

Worldview BasicsDetails

Biblical Geography BasicsDetails