Christian Foundations II


Number of Courses: 9 Level: Advanced


This series will provide you with a foundational understanding of the Bible and the Christian faith. It will help you understand the Old and New Testaments; introduce you to the practice of interpreting the Word of God; provide an understanding of the nature of theology; give an overview of the history of the church; and help you understand the unique nature of the Christian faith and worldview.


Sid Buzzell, PhDRichard L. Pratt Jr., ThDGarth M. Rosell, PhDOur Daily Bread University


Old Testament BasicsDetails

New Testament BasicsDetails

He Gave Us Scripture: Found...Details

Survey of Church HistoryDetails

Building Your TheologyDetails

Ten Reasons to Believe in L...Details

Ten Reasons to Believe Real...Details

Ten Reasons to Believe in C...Details

Ten Reasons to Believe in a...Details