New Testament Survey


Number of Courses: 12 Level: Intermediate


Get a behind-the-scenes view of the New Testament in this series of twelve short courses. These courses cover vital information regarding the birth and ministry of Jesus, the ministry of the disciples, the background and context of the New Testament books, and the growth of the early church. Dr. Craig Blomberg makes Scripture the primary focus of these studies, but the courses also provide important backdrops of relevant cultural, geographical, linguistic, and historical contexts in which the texts were written.


Craig L. Blomberg, PhD


New Testament Basics: Thing...Details

Matthew-Mark: Two Presentat...Details

Luke-John: Two Interpretati...Details

Jesus in Galilee: Popularit...Details

Jesus in Judea: Opposition ...Details

Acts: Crucifixion, Resurrec...Details

Galatians-1 Corinthians: Pa...Details

1 & 2 Corinthians: Two...Details

Romans-Ephesians: The Lette...Details

1 Timothy-Hebrews: Letters ...Details

James-Jude: Letters to Ever...Details

Revelation: The Book of Rev...Details