Old Testament Survey


Number of Courses: 12 Level: Intermediate


Get a big-picture understanding of the Old Testament in this series of twelve short courses. These courses examine the creation of Israel as a nation and God’s process of building that nation to represent Him on earth. Dr. Douglas Stuart lays the foundation for understanding the struggles and triumphs of the relationship between God and Israel. He also provides additional information to help you grasp the full context of the Scriptures in the historical time period they were written.


Douglas K. Stuart, PhD


Genesis-Leviticus: God Bui...Details

Numbers-Joshua: The Traged...Details

Judges-1 Samuel: Israel...Details

2 Samuel-2 Kings: The Diff...Details

1 Chronicles-Nehemiah: Grac...Details

Lamentations-Job: God̵...Details

Proverbs-Psalms: Singing t...Details

Daniel-Micah: Studies of I...Details

Ecclesiastes-Isaiah: God G...Details

Jeremiah-Ezekiel: Human Fa...Details

Jonah-Habakkuk: The God of...Details

Haggai-Malachi: No Substitu...Details