Spiritual Growth II


Number of Courses: 9 Level: Intermediate


Continue learning what it means to be spiritually transformed with this second Spiritual Growth series. These courses will help you learn to practice living out your faith, learn to see God’s hand at work throughout your life, learn principles of character development and leadership, and learn to come alongside others on their spiritual journey.


John Worgul, PhDCloud/TownsendLarry J. Crabb, PhDRichard E. Averbeck, PhDGordon T. Smith, PhD


Divine Encounters: Mapping ...Details

Ultimate Leadership IDetails

Ultimate Leadership IIDetails

SoulCare Foundations I: The...Details

SoulCare Foundations II: Un...Details

SoulCare Foundations III: P...Details

SoulCare Foundations IV: Co...Details

Foundations of Spiritual Fo...Details

Foundations of Spiritual Fo...Details