Purchasing a subscription

Ready to expand your worldview and deepen your understanding of the Bible with unlimited access to our full library of premium courses? Here’s how to sign up for a monthly subscription.

Managing your subscription

We get it: change happens. Here’s everything you need to know about making changes to your premium account.

Using your Dashboard

What is the “dashboard” and how do you use it? Here’s how to make sense of your elearning homepage.

Finding a course

With over 170 courses covering 12 different topics at 3 levels of difficulty, our library is sure to include plenty of courses that match your interests. Here’s how to find the courses that are right for you.

Starting a course

You’ve purchased a subscription, found your course, and enrolled yourself in it. Now what? Here’s how to navigate a course and complete the learning activities.

What are Learning Paths?

Know where you’d like to grow but not sure how to get there? Here’s how our Learning Paths can help you reach your learning goals.

Finishing a course

Completed every lesson activity in your course? Great! Here’s how to finalize your work and get your certificate.